Whilst swimming pools add value and entertainment to a property, there are a number of important factors one must be aware of when investing in a property.

Safety Features

The number of drowning cases in private pools is unacceptable.

  • Firstly, one needs to ensure that the pool area is properly secure from a safety perspective. According to the National Building Regulations, swimming pools on private properties do not need to be fenced, as long as the boundary wall or fence around the entire property is more than 1,2m high. If the pool is ‘open’ to the street, the area needs to be fenced with a fence height of 1,2m and a self-closing gate must be installed.
  • If the pool has a form of covering by the means of a net or PVC/Canvas, there are a number of requirements and standards that need to be followed. These will be checked during a home inspection.

Pool Structures and Finishes

There are a number of pool finishes. Gunite (concrete applied to a steel structure), tiles and Glass fibre pool mouldings.

It is important to check the condition of the pool shell to see if there is any evidence of visible cracks; possibly due to expansion and /or contraction movement, evidence of root intrusion, blistering to the surface, stains and markings that may have been caused by algae and other factors.

Pool External Surrounding Areas

These areas are as important as the pool itself. Whilst the paving may appear to be a decorative feature, one must be aware of the structure and condition of the paving, decking and coping tiles. Any evidence of cracks and lifting or displacement of paving and tiles; could be caused by either expansion and contraction movement, or due to incorrect expansion joints (or no expansion joints). These may also be caused by pool movement, which could result in inadequate or poorly installed steel reinforcing.

Pool Operating Equipment

There are a number of different parts that make up the good and efficient running of the pool:

  • Pumps and Motors must be accessible and must be installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. The pump and motor should be properly housed.
  • All Flow Outlets, Return Inlets and Vacuum Fittings, must be properly operational; and must be able to handle the circulation turnover rate. These must be installed so that they are not hazardous to the swimmer.
  • Filter, lights, and chlorinator must all be functional and in good condition.
  • It is important to have sufficient pool lighting at night.


  • There must be an adequate water supply to maintain the water level in the pool.
  • The backwash water and drained water must discharge correctly, in terms of the local municipality by-laws.
  • The pool water must be transparent, clear, and free from cloudiness. The water must be chemically balanced.

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