Oil filled radiators

Oil-filled space electric heaters heat the liquid inside the metal unit that warms the surrounding ambient air without a fan or blower. The oil known as diathermic oil does not burn or ignite like fuel. Thus, no oil needs to be added as it never burns off. Electricity warms the oil, but the oil is slow to lose heat and the unit only switches on occasionally to keep the liquid at the right temperature. Some units have high, medium and low settings, but others have timers and thermostat temperature controls.

Safety Precautions

Oil-filled radiators get very hot. Keep the unit away from all combustible materials, including draperies, furniture and walls. Avoid touching the hot metal surface.

It is advised against keeping an oil-filled radiator heater in damp areas such as bathrooms with poor ventilation. These radiators are slow to heat up, which makes it tempting to leave one unattended. However, don’t be negligent as any space heater poses a fire risk.

Best Location for your heater

The basic heating technology and features make them ideal for single zone heating. A central spot in a room is best, allowing the heat to circulate naturally and evenly throughout the space. The radiator should not be placed close to a door because of heat loss.

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